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Welcome to a  

 New Career - New Profession - New Opportunity

 You too can earn $90 & more per hour in 90 days or less


 The Course consists of about '70 hours'of class instruction and practice, in addition to independent study & home assignments.

There will be plenty of time to practice. After graduation you can assist clients in many areas where hypnotherapy is used and Get Certified by    


            The Professional Board of Hypnotherapy


Total Course Fee $2388. It covers all course material, handouts,taxes & Graduation. NO OTHER FEES APPLY

A $250 'Non-Refundable Deposit' will reserve your place and must be paid when you register.



Diploma In Professional Hypnotherapy

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Professional Board of Hypnotherapy Course CONTENTS


No Educational Pre-requisites - No Age Limit

Limited Class Size


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Professional Board of Hypnotherapy


One Day per Week For 10 Weeks (10am-5pm)

For Dates & Times to Suit You


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           A Holistic Science Institute for  Mind - Body & Spirit    * Home of Metaphysics *  


The best and easiest course I have ever attended. I went from

unemployed to running my own practice. I am now able to help

others as I work toward financial independence. Grant Kline


I enrolled in the " Weekend Intensive Course". I admit I had to

work a little hard, but it paid off in the end. Am sharing an office

with another graduate. I could not be happier.   Mary-Jo Lucas


You learn the hands-on techinques and the practical issues of

hypnotherapy. Dr Elhage has to be the best presenter and best

hypnotherapist I have ever encountered.     Michael N. Abboud


My wife and I took the  Hypnotherapy Correspondence Course.

It was exactly as promised. We received a lot of support from

the College. We now have a joint business helping oithers.

We have recommended this excellent course to others.

                                                                Albert & Kelly Lafontaine


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