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MBS First Training Centre



When MBS College started in 1988 its main goal was to offer Affordable & Accredited Training in the Science of Healing.

We realized that  the concept of treating the Mind or Body alone was not enough in some cases. The missing link

in most therapies is the Spiritual Healing link.  MBS offers training in the science of  " MIND - BODY & SOUL "

           The MBS College specializes in the arts, philosophy and science of suggestion. The course of instructions cover a broad range.

           From the skills needed in personal and business communication, the depth and study required by the Clinical Hypnotherapist,

           to the polished bacground of the advanced Metaphysicist. Metaphyisics and Professional Hypnotherapy are ever developing, and

           the role that the science of Suggestion plays in this area, as in all areas of life, is becoming apparent.

             Our goal is to fulfil a specific need and to promote, educate, encourage, develop and train individuals and groups to achieve

           self-betterment and self-development. Our teachings are based on the best philosophical, psychological and scientific knowledge          

           available today. The MBS College is affiliated with national and international organizations, and our courses have been reviewed,

           evaluated and approved by more than one organization.

We are  also an  ' Approved Hypnosis School '  ACCREDITED  by " The Professional Board Of Hypnotherapy ".



                                                                    A.TONY ELHAGE,  Ph.D, DCH  ( Senior Lecturer & Founder of  MBS College "Canada" )


                                              Author, Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist, and much sought after Speaker and Motivator. He is the                                                                                                  

                                           founder of the MBS College "Canada" and the Originator of the "Mind Dynamics Concept" MDC.                                       

                                                       He started his journey when he founded the "Metaphysics Institute of Canada".

                                                 Then joined "The Association To Advance Ethical Hypnosis" and was exposed to the work                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            of one of the (Father's of Hypnosis) the late "Harry Arons".  

                                                                       He has presented courses & seminars at the Fraser Valley College and many other institutions,                                                                                          a                                                                                                    and appeared on Radio and TV shows in Canada & Overseas "Zaven-Online".

                                                                           He has authored and compiled the course material for the MBS College Diploma Courses,

                                                                                                               and produced in excess of 50 recorded programs.

            He holds degrees in Clinical Psychology & Hypnotherapy. He is a 'Board Certified Counsellor - Certified Hypnosis Instructor & Life Coach.

                                                                                                                           He is also a member of :

                                                                         Canadian Psychotherapy Association - Canadian Counselling Association           

                                                                       American Psychotherapy Association -   Professional Board Of Hypnotherapy     

                                                                       National Guild Of Hypnotists  -   American Board Of Professional Counsellors                                         







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MBS College Faculty & Advisory Board

At MBS College, our mission is to impact quality education. We have a team of qualified professionals to fulfil this mission.

Our faculty is comprised of talented and experienced professionals from specialized fields. Students at MBS College are given the opportunity to interact with some of the most qualified professionals, and benefit from their knowledge.

Our faculty is available for assistance 24/7 and is involved in the development of the course material as well as curriculum of each program. They manage assessments, assignments, and provide recommendation letters to falicitate job placements for our students.


Permanent Faculty Members: An employee who has been working with the college for 24 months, becomes a permanent faculty member. Our faculty consists of more than 50 permanent consultants and faculty members, and includes teachers, professors and industry experts from around the world.


Part Time Faculty Members: MBS College has some of the best experts from around the globe. They help students to gain knowledge and experience.