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This course is designed for those contemplating pursuing HYPNOSIS as a career or as an adjunct to therapeutic methods. It covers theory and practical areas of Hypnotherapy. You will learn the different techniques used by the Old Masters, as well as the most advanced methods available today. In this course, you will learn not only by reading, but also by doing. Its shows you the step-by-step methodology and word-for-word verbalization of various induction and deepening methods. It reveals the dynamics relating to testing your subject, how to establish quick rapport as you lead them into the hypnotic state. You will discover how to induce Hypno-Anaesthesia which is commonly used for pain control. This exciting course explains why some people are more suitable than others, and how to determine or increase their suggestibility. Here are some of the topics:


    * Advanced induction techniques

    * Suggestions and how to word them

    * Deepening techniques

    * Suggestibility signals

    * The power behind the Post-Hypnotic Theory

    * Pre-induction ways and methods

    * Many practical demonstrations

    * Termination procedures

    * The uses and limitations of Hypnosis

    * and much much more!


In addition to the above, you may receive Audio and Video recordings designed to help you get the hands-on approach while working with others. This series will allow you an insiders' look at the different visual imagery utilized clinically in order to produce deep relaxation, dissociation, analgesia and anaesthesia. It does stress the recall of five senses, emphasizing tactile feelings visual and auditory characteristics. It is a well-balanced blend of visualization, sensory recall and time expansion using the natural settings. It helps you understand the deeper meaning behind Voice Inflections  and Voice Manipulation, as it prepares you to work successfully with your clients and/or friends.


Philosophy of Hypnosis


    * Introduction to Hypnosis - The history and development of Hypnosis

    * Uses and Limitations of Hypnosis - Self-Hypnosis or Auto-Hypnosis

    * Relaxation Techniques - Creative Imagery Dream Development

    * Meditation (Religious and other) - Meditation versus Hypnosis


Induction and Management of Hypnosis


    * Psychology and Principles of Hypnosis - Pre-Induction Techniques

    * Practical Demonstrations and Experimentation - Termination Procedures

    * How to Formulate Suggestions - The Post-Hypnotic Dynamics


Hypnosis Dynamics


    * The Make-Up of the Inner Mind - The Laws of Suggestion

    * Standard and Advanced Induction Techniques - Interviewing Clients

    * Resting the Client - Dispelling Misconceptions - Deepening methods - Different Applications -

Using Hypnosis for Weight Control - Smoking -\ Concentrations and Study - Pain Control - Anaesthesia - and much more...

    * Psychology Practical - Signs to help you decide when to Hypnotize and when to Refer. Personality types and characteristics

    * How to Solicit Business, How to Advertise and Set Up Practice



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Class Size Limited To 10 Students  

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