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We at MBS College have decided to create courses that can fulfill a specific need in the market place. We have cut out the theoretical gibrish out of our subject mater, and concentrated on the practical information that you need to apply in your chosen career. We have introduced not only the 'How-To' but also the 'Why-To' in a manner that is delivered in a conceptual format coupled with a 'Word-Picture presentation'.


We know that for someone to retain information, they must introduce it to the memory bank in a language that the brain can store into the 'Long-Term Memory Bank'.


The mind will retain information much easier if it is in an 'image form' rather than just words, unless the words can paint a picture also. We have also discovered that if we can invoke some emotion with the language we use, all information will enter the 'Long-Term' memory bank much easier.


Based on this premise, we have decided to offer courses that you can benefit from and apply the knowledge you gain in more than one particular field or profession.


At present, we are offering a handful of courses that are business related, and as we progress, we will be adding a few more. One thing you can be assured of, only the best scientific knowlege would be dispensed.

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School Of Business

School Of Business

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