Can I Be Hypnotized ? Any Dangers ? Are You Qualified ? Will I Remember & How Will I Feel ?

Q- Can I be hypnotized ?

A- Everyone is hypnotizable. Some are more so than others. In a clinical setting a light-medium stage of hypnosis is all we need.
There are three types who are difficult to hypnotize : Someone who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, a small child & a Moron. They all lack the ability to concentrate and to comprehend the complexity of the suggestions given to them during therapy.

Q- Are you qualified?
A- All of our therapist are Certified-Registerd & Eminently Qualified, had to undergo rigorous training and are sworn to Confidentiality.
Q- Any dangers?
A- No cases have ever been recorded of anyone being injured in any way shape or form by undergoing hypnotherapy. And if there were any dangers, it would have never been accepted by the Medical Association and the government would have put a stop to it.
On the contrary, there are more Physicians, Dentists and Therapists using Hypnosis than ever before.

Q- How will I feel during a hypnotherapy session- Will I Remember?
A- You will feel very relaxed. Probably more relaxed than anytime before. The therapist will help you and guide you. It 's a pro-active approach, and yes you will be aware and remember. Hypnosis is a scientific dream-like state induced by suggestions, and you have probably experienced it already. Just like when you get absorbed in reading a book and becoming oblivious to your surroundings.
Remember, what we are trying to achieve with hypnotherapy is to influence the Emotional Mind, and when the body relaxes that part of your mind becomes more alert and more conducive to accept suggestions and new ideas helping you achieve the results you want.

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